Now Open

Hours of Operation : Mon-Sat 8:00 to 6:00  closed Sundays

The Riversong Oasis and whole Body Vibration Studio is determined to make a positive contribution to the health, well being and prosperity to  the town of Thornbury by being the change we need to see in the world.

Whole Body Vibration Studio:

A full body vibration fitness studio with a monthly memberships for Whole body Vibration equipment and infra read sauna treatments. We will also be selling RiverSong Vibe WBV machines, Himalayan salts, Salt lamps, and other wellness products.

History of Whole Body vibration technology:

Whole Body Vibration technology was originally developed in the 1970’s to rehabilitate Russian cosmonauts who suffered muscle atrophy and bone density loss during prolonged periods in space in zero gravity environments. Recently this technology has been translated and readapted to the fitness communities and employed in the fitness industry.

RIVERSONG OASIS WBV studio  Rationale:

Statistics Canada 2011 tells us that 35 % of Canadians are either obesity/overweight, another 17% of our population suffers with Arthritis, and a further 1/5 of all Canadian women affected by osteoporosis and a further whooping 38% of our population suffering from diabetes. 
The RiverSong Oasis Whole Body Vibration studio  offers ongoing  wellness therapy for those seeking to combat and control obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, and diabetes.